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Auto-Rx® Plus is Made in USA! It is proven as an amazing patented, non-toxic metal cleaning product. 

Auto-Rx® Plus removes harmful auto engine sludge! It cleans transmissions, power steering units, and differentials. Also, Auto-Rx® Plus stops or slows oil leaks!

 Gas and diesel engines accumulate dirt and other contaminants through the air intake and internal combustion process. The use of Auto-Rx® Plus for preventive maintenance ensures your engine remains free of contaminant buildup.

We are thrilled to work with millions of satisfied customers all over the globe. Thanks so much for your new and continued business!

auto-rx® plus

Auto-Rx® Plus removes damaging engine sludge in all types of engines. We hope you and your car love it like countless others have as well!

"It's all about the chemistry!"

Auto-Rx® Plus is all about the chemistry - our metal-cleaning, seal-refurbishing chemistry! It works in varying ratios to remove engine sludge and all third-party contaminants.


What Our Customers Have To Say


I used this in my transmission. The service light came on. Frank put Auto Rx in my car and 4 days later the light went off. It is still off a year later.

Nansenia Dycus



My car is a 2004 Audi A8 4.2L 40v V8 with 125k and a good maintenance history. The engine would clatter lightly and briefly upon cold start-up... something that I was not terribly concerned about. I suspect valve train noise.

 I used Auto-Rx Plus and it is now 300 miles into the rinse phase and I just noticed the other day that this start-up clatter has completely disappeared! ARX Plus is great stuff!




Auto-Rx Plus is amazing! I have used it on my 2004 Volkswagon GTI 1.8L turbo because of oil pressure issues and it has made a big difference. As many of you VW enthusiasts know, oil pressure issues due to sludge, it's a real pain in the butt.

This product has made a huge difference in my car, and it has definitely saved me tons of money and repairs.

I would recommend this product to anyone that wants a clean engine. #autorx

                                                                                            Fernando Trejo



I used Auto-Rx to slow oil consumption on my 250,000 mile Toyota and it has cut the consumption by 400% so far and I am just starting the 2nd treatment. It has also given the engine lots more power. 

I plan to use it from now on in all my cars. Auto-Rx is the greatest stuff I have ever added to an engine. Try it and you will like it!!!

                                                                                                 (Big Grin!)



A bottle of Auto-Rx Plus is much cheaper than replacing a power steering rack. I did the power steering application on my El Camino and my power steering works effortlessly. I have 367,000 miles on the car, and it's the original power steering gear. 

Auto-Rx Plus will keep the seals in your Rack & Pinion steering very pliable. I do not believe in power steering cleaners from BG and other companies that you put in for 10 minutes and then flush. Many of these cleaners have solvents that can do more harm than good.

                                                                                                  Brent Olsen



I added Auto-Rx to my 1993 Volvo 245 about 6 weeks ago after reading some great reviews online. I had tuned up the engine to smooth out a "shaky" idle situation. The idle situation was much better. 

However, another serious issue popped up. A 1 to 5 second grinding noise deep in the engine upon start up!

After much analysis I realized oil-starved bearings or rings were probably to blame. I added the Auto-Rx, and within a few days the noise diminished. After 2 weeks the noise vanished completely! Just amazing!

I rarely write reviews, but I feel like the Auto-Rx guys just saved me $1000! #autorx Thanks!

Johnny G.



Just wanted to say that my 2.7 liter Sebring has never worked so good with only running Auto-Rx for 2500 kms...a very noticeable difference in power and it idles like a new car. I am a believer!



Auto-Rx Plus is Boss in Audi Transmission

The car is a 1993 Audi 100 CS quattro with a ZF automatic transmission. The odometer showed 227,000; past maintenance history not known.

The engine would rev a few hundred rpm on the 3-4 upshift when at operating temperature.

I changed the fluid and filter; it did not help. I installed Lucas transmission fix (you know, that stuff is at thick as STP); that did not help.

I installed 6 oz Auto-Rx Plus. That not only helped, but it completely corrected the problem...and only after a few hundred miles! Furthermore, the upshifts, which were a bit soft, are now quite firm.

I drove 1,300 miles, then dropped the pan and changed the filter again. Things looked very clean in there with barely a hint of fuzz on the magnet. The fluid looked like new.

I'll perform a drain and fill a couple times just to ensure any bad stuff that may be in there is mostly gone.

Nearly 3,000 miles have elapsed since I treated the tranny to Auto-Rx Plus and it continues to run strong.

So far, this stuff has worked every time I have tried it!

Thanks Auto-Rx!

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