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Not for Use in Fuel Systems!

Auto-Rx® Plus is simple to use, is more effective, and takes less time than our previous formulation. All of the applications are add and drive. All of the cleaning activity occurs while you drive, whether you are cleaning a transmission, motor, differential, or power steering unit. The applications just let you know how much to use, and how long to run it. Please be aware that, to remove sludge and keep it from returning, you must follow up with the Extended Protection Plan AFTER the rinse phase.

Consider this your SLUDGE Cheat-Sheet Auto-Rx® Plus Game Plan

1. Add 2 Bottles Of Auto-Rx® Plus to your existing oil, be it synthetic-semi synthetic or high mileage.

2. Drive 3000 Miles. At 1500 change filter and top off with oil ONLY.

3. Continue to drive for the remaining 1500 miles. Change your oil and filter.

4. Rinse. Use a good mineral oil (Example: Castrol GTX). Drive 3000 miles. Drain and refill with ANY oil you want.

5. Start Extended Protection Plan. Remember, your engine is an air breather, so keep it clean.

NOTE: If your engine has heavy sludge, you may need to repeat this application.

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John Lee: 10/24/10

Auto trans 2005 Silverado, Z71 Cleaned it up nicely !!
Added the Auto Rx to transmission and ran it for 1300 miles, Did a complete flush, and added new fluid.Runs and shifts like new, Before it shifted hard and was sometimes delayed in shifting Thanks for the great Product !!! I have it in my Engine also, and once I reach the 2000 miles, I will change it out and move on to the rinse.


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