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Auto-Rx-Plus Sludge Remover


Auto-Rx-Plus Sludge Remover Auto-Rx-Plus
Price: 21.95 USD In stock

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Auto-Rx® Plus is compatible with all 4-stroke motor oils both conventional and synthetic.

This is what's in your engine:

Auto-Rx® Plus is safe to use on:

  • Gasoline engines
  • Diesel engines
  • Motorcycle engines
  • Transmissions
  • Differentials
  • Power Steering

to reliably remove sludge, improve gas mileage, and reduce or eliminate oil burn.

If you have ever taken apart an engine or other equipment, you know what dirty oil can do to bearings and other surfaces. Those who have used Auto-Rx® Plus no longer see the results of that dirty oil. Why should you?

Auto-Rx® Plus is safe chemistry applied on a periodic basis as part of a common-sense extended protection plan.

Auto-Rx® Plus is not a solvent, a friction reducer, or an oil enhancer. It does not change the properties of your motor oil or transmission fluid.

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Walter Meyers: 1/14/12

In January of this year I came across a product while searching the ’net… Auto-Rx. It claims to clean your engine safely without causing damage. After doing a bunch of research, I used it. The results are amazing!!! I have switched from high octane back down to regular unleaded. And it no longer knocks or pings! I am delighted! My car is actually faster! 
Kathy Simmons: 10/21/09
I have a 2001 Toyota Sienna with 225,000 miles. The oil has been changed every 3-5000 miles and it started running rough with a P1354 code. Thinking that it was the oil control valve, I replaced it and still had the same problem. After seeing the video on youtube I added 2 bottles to the existing oil & after 500 miles so far the misfire has stopped and the check engine light went out.  The power is also getting back to normal since using your product.