You will be amazed with your transmission's performance after
Auto-Rx® Plus has done its powerful cleaning and restoring action!

Our product will restore your seals and so effectively remove contaminants that your transmission will return to like-new condition! Auto-Rx® Plus can:

• Prevent or delay costly transmission repairs.
• Dramatically increase the life of your transmission.
• Improve overall transmission performance.


* For an Automatic Transmission:
          STEP 1: Add 6 fluid ounces or the equivalent of ½ bottle of Auto-Rx® Plus.
STEP 2: Run your vehicle for about 1,000 miles and then change fluids again.

* For a Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission:
       STEP 1: Add 1 full bottle of Auto-Rx® Plus.
       STEP 2: Run your vehicle for about 1,500 miles and then change fluids again.

* For a Manual Transmission:
          STEP 1: Add 1 ounce of Auto Rx® Plus per quart of oil.
          STEP 2: Drive your vehicle for about 1,000 miles.
          STEP 3: Drain the Auto-Rx® Plus and oil. Refill according to vehicle manufacturer's                                                   recommendations.